About – More – Jennifer Dokes

Jennifer Dokes

JDD Specialties

Jennifer has written what she sees since childhood. She believes in the power of words to reveal humanity and to explain the policies and systems that impact people. During most of her professional life, she wielded that power in award-winning ways as a journalist, including more than 20 years as a writer and editor on the Arizona Republic editorial board. She started JDD Specialties in 2014 to do more of the same.

About – More – Regina Kuvakos

Regina Kuvakos


Regina, a certified scrum master and founder of Write Support LLC, uses her love of writing to tell compelling stories about underserved and marginalized people. As a professional grant writer for more than a decade, she has helped nonprofit organizations secure millions of dollars to support everything from entrepreneurship to worldwide hunger relief. WriteSupport services include grant writing, research and administration.

About – More – Bennell LaPorte

Bennell LaPorte


Bennell LaPorte, an event fusion specialist and fundraising expert, is on a mission to save guests from ever attending another mundane event. The founder and CEO of LAPORTE & COMPANY doesn’t simply create events; she orchestrates event experiences. A veteran of the world of not for profit, Bennell helps individuals and brands communicate their unique messaging through the power of immersive storytelling. She specializes in helping organizations leverage the power of event fundraising by creating innovative pathways to engage and captivate donors.

About – More – Paula De La Cruz-Fernandez

Paula De La Cruz-Fernandez


Paula leads a transnational enterprise that helps individuals manage the pressures and expectations of academia. Her team has high-level skills in writing, archival research, theory of literature, paleography, academic publishing and career promotion. Paula, a digital archivist and digital cultural heritage manager, has more than a decade of experience as a copy editor on research projects in Spanish and English.