About – Isaac Hilpman

Isaac Hilpman

Operations Coordinator

William Morris was once quoted as saying, “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” As Beyond Strategy’s Operations Coordinator Isaac tries to embody this philosophy whether researching public policy, synthesizing session data, or juggling engagement with our clients. Isaac joined Beyond Strategy Consulting (BSC) in 2020 bringing to the table fifteen years of account management and inside sales expertise. When he’s not scheduling sessions or acting as BSC’s in-house amanuensis, Isaac can be found on the trail or literally herding cats in his Denver home. 

About – Meghan Velasquez

Meghan Velasquez

Improvement Assurance Group

Meghan, a skilled facilitator, is passionate about increasing social outcomes through leadership development and organizational excellence, particularly in driving improvement and innovation within public sector and non-profit entities. She believes collaboration, a keen results orientation and a focus on sustainability are crucial to systemic improvement and she uses her broad skill set to guide teams through improvement across each.