We take what we have learned about human interaction and optimal systems design to always go beyond, helping leaders and organizations make our communities even better.

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans should not be website wallpaper.  Our strategic plans help bring your vision, mission, and values to life with the flexibility to keep you focused and moving forward, even when your context changes.

In the end we got a great product, but I think the team itself felt much more empowered to do for ourselves. It was partly the strategic planning process and report, but it was also building the capacity of our team to understand the importance of planning and how we could implement it.”
Miguel Vieyra
Associate Director for Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, ASU School of Social Work

Board Development

Great governance is a leadership practice.  Social impact organizations need active and engaged board members to achieve the community impact they promise.  We provide training and facilitation to ensure your board is operating at its best.

We knew where we wanted to be, but we did not know how to get there. Cassie just intuned what we needed and made sure we got it. Some things were quite obvious, but others we hadn’t considered. She got us to realize our strengths and consider a different approach.”
Marilyn Rodriguez
Board Chair, Open Hearts Family Wellness

Collaboration Strategy

True collaboration is hard. We help collaborators establish and take action on a shared vision for what’s possible, working across sectors, organizations, and teams.  You’ll end up with the cohesion and clarity you need to move from vision to action.

Cassie is a great manager and leader when it comes to people.  When you have high-performing people, high-level thinkers, and big challenging issues, that’s where she shines.”
Dave Brown
CEO, Valley Leadership


Make your meetings matter. From one-time retreats to ongoing collaboration sessions, our results-based framework maintains a sharp focus on the end result, while deliberately engaging all perspectives in the room.

Cassie has the skill to bring all these different minds and opinions together and make it where everybody feels like they were heard and their opinion mattered, somehow intertwining it into our work. She definitely has the leadership skills to convene a group.
Mesha Davis
CEO, Arizona Foundation for Women

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